Photo of Trey Philips Trey Philips


UI Engineer (web and React Native)
Austin, TX
The University of Texas (Austin, TX)

B.A. Philosophy
B.S. Psychology



The Button Snitch
Real-time charts (including a scatterplot and histogram), notifications, and other features to monitor Reddit's /r/thebutton
Krishanu: A Netflix Queue Manager (offline)
A web app to sort your Netflix queue (e.g. by runtime) and add notes to items in it
Tweeting Too Hard (offline) — v1 (screenshot), v2 (screenshot)
“Where self-important tweets get the recognition they deserve.” A web app where tweets were voted on (Reddit-style) to find the most self-important of them all. Received press coverage across major media (Time, New York Times, Wired, etc.).
Extended Info (acquired by SideStep)
Winner of the Facebook F8 Contest. With Facebook, your profile comes with fields such as Activities, Interests, and Favorite Music, but Extended Info allows you to add extra fields to your profile, such as Currently Reading, Favorite Foods, or anything you can think of.


Vrbo (previously branded HomeAway, owned by Expedia Group)
React Native features and infrastructure for brownfield mobile apps; front end for some web apps built in React and hapi.js
Zvents (acquired by eBay’s StubHub, later shut down; CrunchBase listing)
Full stack for a responsive redesign, including a Rails-based API used by other StubHub teams and Node-based front end; front end for previous products
The Daily Dot
Built the original front end for this news site about internet communities
Associated Press
Touch-based JavaScript development for a version of the site optimized for tablets
Chomp (acquired by Apple) site and Chomp Connect front end
Lead developer. A startup some friends and I worked on to create a social product for students.
3jam (acquired by Skype)
Front end developer for this group text messaging and, after pivoting, virtual number (Google Voice-like) product.
Updated front end for the Private Enterprise Number management system
SideStep (acquired by Kayak)
Worked on my Extended Info Facebook application after they acquired it, and on their Trips application
SURGe (screenshot)
A student organization for scientific research. I created and maintained their site during my college years. (Wikipedia article) was a mobile photo sharing app before those took off. I created a site for their "ambassadors," representatives who promoted the product on college campuses and elsewhere.

Other ways we may have crossed paths

I used to be an admin and pretty active member on the site.
I was a member of this Austin coworking house (no longer in business).
Facebook Developer Garage Singapore
Keynote speaker. Presentation: Getting Love from the Facebook Platform.
The Google Blog
I didn’t hack it, but I did take it over for about a half hour.
The original Blogger templates
I made the robot.
Various articles/interviews